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Spirulina Skin Benefits

spirulina skin benefits

Spirulina is a superfood that has exploded in popularity in the last couple of years because of its many benefits, including for the skin. The blue-green algae contains a variety of nutrients, amino acids and also protein. It detoxifies heavy metals and it also prevents candida, two of the most serious nutritional problems that have arisen in the modern age. It has been argued that there is no superfood that comes close to Spirulina, pound for pound, in terms of nutrient density. It is also completely safe in large quantities, as it contains no harmful ingredients. It has been eaten by a number of ancient cultures including the Aztecs, the Mayans, and the Kanembu people, who still use it to this day. It has recently been rediscovered by modern society due to its numerous health benefits. The benefits of eating Spirulina are practically unparalleled.

Spirulina Benefits Skin


Spirulina benefits skin in a number of ways. A key ingredient in skin health is Vitamin A, otherwise known as retinol. Spirulina contains more beta-carotene than any other substance on the planet, the precursor to Vitamin A. Beta-carotene in Spirulina is ten times more concentrated than in carrots.


Many people contest going vegan or vegetarian because there is no other way to get appropriate levels of B12 than from red meat. It is believed that sufficient quantities can only be obtained from beef. However, Spirulina contains 5 times as much B12 as raw beef, which is its nearest rival. B12 can be applied topically as a treatment for psoriasis and dermatitis. It can reduce inflammation and red skin. Getting the correct amount of B12 is essential for good, healthy looking skin. It is estimated that up to 10% of people are deficient in Vitamin B12. This would not be the case if Spirulina is regularly consumed!

Tyrosine and Zinc

Spirulina contains a good amount of the essential amino acid Tyrosine, which is involved in the proper coloration of the skin. It provides decent amounts of Folic Acid, which is vital for proper hemoglobin formation in red blood cells. Deficiency can lead to skin pigmentation. It also contains high amounts of zinc which is good for skin health. What is astounding about Spirulina given its large amount of nutrients is that it contains so little carbs and fats. It does contain Vitamin F, the name given for Linolenic and Arachidonic acid, which are involved in respiration of cells and transport of oxygen in the bloodstream. They are vital for skin health.

Spirulina benefits Skin – conclusion

If you are looking for the best way to naturally get good skin, Spirulina is the way to go. It contains all the essential skin nutrients in far greater quantities than any other food type. It also has an incredible 95% digestion rate, compared to 15% for most other foods. Spirulina benefits skin in a number of different ways. It ticks all boxes and is the best natural way to get great looking skin!

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