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Product Review: Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Powder

Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Powder
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Nutrex Hawaii has been making superior products since 1985 in Hawaiin ponds that receive sunlight for 12 months per year. Spirulina Pacifica is a high-quality spirulina with a great taste that I would highly recommend. Read more below and definitely take a look at the customer reviews.


Nutrex Hawaii Pacifica Spirulina PowderTHE COMPANY

Nutrex Hawaii was founded in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 1990 by Dr. Gerald Cysewski, a world-renowned expert in microalgae and carotenoids. Their mission is to utilize the benefits of microalgae to improve health and extend lives in the world wide community.

They create two high-quality products: Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica and BioAstin (a strong natural antioxidant for the skin and joints).



Spirulina grown in Hawaii is known to have a much better taste than others grown in India and China. Nutrex makes a very high-quality, delicious spriulina that I absolutely love. The one downside to consider is that this spirulina product is not considered USDA Certified Organic.

According to Nutrex, there are five reasons their Spirulina is superior to others:

  1. Location – Situated on the bright, sunny Kona coast, their farm receives more sunlight than any other coastal location in the United States enabling Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica to grow continuously for 12 months a year
  2. BioSecure Zone – Nutrex Hawaii is the only microalgae farm located in a “BioSecure Zone” that prohibits the use of harmful pesticides and genetically modified organisms
  3. 100% Potable Drinking Water – Fresh water collected from the big island
  4. Ultra-Pure Deep Ocean Water -Hawaiian Spirulina is the only cultured microalgae grown with ultra-pure deep ocean water pumped up from a depth of 2000 feet below sea level
  5. Ocean Chill Drying -This patented system dries our Spirulina in just 3-7 seconds, relies on very cold deep ocean water to provide de-humidification and uses less than one percent oxygen to preserve the phytonutrients. And because of our superior packaging, our Spirulina arrives to the consumer as fresh as the day it was harvested.

THE REAL DEALnutrex hawaii spirulina powder 5lb bag


As good as it gets! This is a delicous brand of spirulina. Nutrex has discovered an amazingly nutrious and delicious way to grow spirulina in the sunlight and clean waters of Hawaii. Hundreds of happy customers have rave reviews about the taste of Nutrex Hawaii’s Pacifica Spirulina.




“Simply put, after 20+ years of Spirulina usage, this is the best Spirulina I know of, at one of the the best prices (and shipping options) I have seen anywhere online and off-line. If great tasting Spirulina is what you are looking for, this is the one to buy. Forget the slightly cheaper non-Hawaiian varieties (from India, China, etc.).
If you’ve never had spirulina, try this one. If you’ve had (non-Hawaiian) spirulina and didn’t like the taste, try this one. That’s my review in a nutshell.” – Jonathan

“I was able to slowly work myself up to 2 teaspoons, it took about 5 months, but I can’t believe how good I feel. Here is what I notice:
– The best sleep I’ve ever had. A solid 7 hours is all I need. Fall asleep fast, stay asleep
– Steady steam of energy all day long into the night.
– Better ability to focus, concentrate, words come easier (I am bi-lingual and so is hubby)
– Higher libido
– No more period pain
-Very Very clear skin, never had much acne but if I did get a pimple, it would scar easily, haven’t had a pimple in 2 months.
– Stopped snacking in between meals
– I don’t weigh myself but my clothes feel looser despite not exercising much
– Feel calmer more patient with my preschooler” – Gigi


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