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Best 5 Spirulina Powders From Around the World

Best 5 Spirulina Powders

I’ve been doing a TON of research about the best spirulina powders. We know that spirulina is produced in warm weather – in places like California, Hawaii, Thailand, Chile, India, and China, to name a few. While there are many spirulina companies out there, I’ve created a list of my top 5 spirulina powder brands for you today. In no particular order, here they are…


California: Earthrise Spirulina Natural Powder

Earthwise Spirulina NaturalEarthwise Spirulina Natural Powder is a very high-quality spirulina produced in California. Earthwise has the world’s largest spirulina farm in the Sonoran Desert of southeastern California far from highways, airports, and cities. Their Spirulina is grown under a controlled environment without the use of pesticides and herbicides, and with an effort to be environmentally friendly. This trusted brand makes a delicious, healthy spirulina that we would highly recommend. Unfortunately, it also comes at a higher price than international spirulina powders, but check out the rave reviews, and then try some for yourself!

Hawaii: Nutrex-Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica

Nutrex Hawaii Pacifica Spirulina PowderNutrex-Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is one of the most popular brands of spirulina and for good reason. Nutrex-Hawaii makes a high-quality, delicious spirulina that I absolutely love. Situated on the bright, sunny Kona coast, Nutrex-Hawaii’s farm receives more sunlight than any other coastal location in the United States enabling Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica to grow continuously for 12 months a year. Everyone raves about the wonderful taste of spirulina grown in Hawaii.


China: BulkSupplements Pure Spirulina Powder

BulkSupplements Spirulina Powder

BulkSupplements Pure Spirulina is a quality spirulina harvested in China but tested and packaged in the US. Customers love this product as it has one of the highest ratings on Amazon. You certainly can’t argue with the price. So even though it might not taste as good as some of the Hawaiian or Californian brands, it’s a good deal if you’re just looking for a powder to mix in your smoothies.



India: Now Foods Organic Spirulina Powder

now foods organic spirulinaThere are a lot of reasons I love Now Foods Organic Spirulina Powder. Now Foods is a family-owned private business that makes a wide variety of quality supplements including spirulina. This is a high-quality, USDA certified organic powder which you can buy at a relatively low price. Similarly to the spirulina produced in China, it does not taste quite as good as California and Hawaiian spirulina, but you can definitely mix it into a smoothie.


Chile: Healthforce Spirulina Azteca

Healthforce Spirulina AztecaHealthfoce Spirulina Azteca is a wonderful spirulina made in Chile. HealthForce Nutritionals is a 20-plus year, 100% hard-core, vegan, therapeutic superfoods company. They’ve created a purist, hard-core quality standard for sourcing and production which they claim is significantly beyond Organic called Truganic. All of their products have to pass tests to adhere to these high standards. Spirulina Azteca is a certified organic variety from Chile in South America. It is grown in a man-made environment and is certified contaminant-free. It has a bit stronger taste and smell than their California product, but it mixes well.


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